Frequently Asked Questions


Are event images touched up?

Yes. All Digital Wedding Negatives are touched up and color corrected for lighting conditions. Individual images can be airbrushed on an À la carte basis at $8/image.

Can we view our photos online after our event?

Yes. Glossy photo cards containing login information will be available at the wedding. It can take up to 4 week to touch up event photos. Please be patient! An email will be sent to the bride and groom when the images are ready for online viewing. At that time, guests are encouraged to visit the Valerie Lyn Photography home page, and click the ‘MyEvent’ link. Enter the UserName, found on the glossy photo card, and click Login.

Will my spouse and I own the rights to our photographs?

Yes. Each Digital Photo Negative DVD disk contains customer copyright information. Disks are sent out 4 weeks after each event.

How long are photos kept at the studio?

Event photos are kept on file for one year past the event date. Image and book purchases must be made within one calendar year.


What is required to reserve a wedding date?

A sit down meeting with Valerie Miller (generally at a coffee house), a signed contract, and a retainer payment are required to book your date. The retainer is figured by dividing the desired wedding package by 2. The first half (retainer) is due at contract signing. The second half (payment) is due 14 days before the event.


Do you offer Published Photo Books?

Yes, they come in packages and are sold separately. Please view the Packages and Books pages for complete details.


Where do Engagement Sessions take place?

Engagement Session photos are always taken outside or at a location special to the bride and groom taken no later than 4 weeks before the wedding. Published Guest Books are made using Engagement Session images and time is allowed for shipping.

Are Engagement Sessions and wedding formals posed?

It depends on the preferences of the bride and groom, but there is generally a mixture between posed and non.


Are formal photos taken before or after the wedding ceremony?

Formal photos always begin at least 2 hours before your ceremony (earlier for larger families). Photos begin with the bride & groom and then include the rest of the wedding party and family. Formals are always finished at least 30 minutes before the ceremony begins so that the bride is hidden when guests arrive. A shot list and photo buddy are required for all formal photo sessions and are provided by the bride and groom.

What is a shot list?

A shot list is a predetermined listing of every photo grouping that the bride and groom want for their formals. Mothers and Mother-in-Laws tend to have substantial input when creating shot lists.

What is a photo buddy?

Photo buddies are friends of the bride and groom who help to facilitate the formal session shot list. It is important for the photo buddy to know the bride and groom’s families (or at least generally know who people are) to make the shot list run efficiently.

Is there anything else that I need to bring to my formal photo session?

Yes, drinks all around! A cold bottle of water is the perfect remedy for a sore face caused from 2 hours of smiling. Also, a straw for the bride ensures that her lipstick won’t get messed up.


What if I don’t want my fiancé to see me before I walk down the aisle?

Then you will end up with fewer photos. Modern brides want hundreds of wedding images and it simply won’t happen if formals are not done before hand. Taking formals between the ceremony and reception often results in guests leaving rather than waiting over an hour for the bride and groom to arrive to their party. At the reception, the bride & groom are the center of attention. Pulling them away for a photo sessions becomes unrealistic. Locating family for photos is even harder when you consider that grandparents leave early, flower girls get their dresses dirty and drinks start flowing. The First Look kicks off the formal photo event. At least 2 hours before the ceremony, the groom walks to a private spot on the ceremony property and waits. No family or friends accompany him. A few minutes later, the bride walks up slowly behind him and when he is ready, he turns around and sees her for the first time. This is a private, often emotional moment for the bride and groom. When tears are dried, and composure is regained, the couple joins their friends and family to begin their formal photo session.


How are travel charges assessed for out-of-town events?

Travel expenses are assessed on an individual basis depending on distance.